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Ares is a leading open source utility that allows users to share various kinds of digital files over the p2p protocol. Some of the types of files that can be successfully found on Ares free download include images, audio, software, videos, eBooks and many more. Version 2.1.7, which is the latest version of Ares, goes one step ahead of its predecessor by allowing users to upload and publish their own files within the utility’s user network. Ares has its own network that hosts thousands of different kinds of files with users sharing them continuously. Both Shoutcast and BitTorrent protocols are supported by Ares.

Another notable feature with Ares free download is that it allows users to create and host their own chat channels apart from allowing them to join chat rooms created by other users. Being open source in nature, Ares has a decentralized way of working with its use of a proprietary super node/leaf network. Successor to the original Gnutella network that was popular in the early 2000s, Ares download can today be found on Source Forge exclusively.


Ares first saw light of the day in 2002 when it began operations on the Gnutella network. The software moved to its very own network a few months down the line. This new network had a leaf and super node structure, which is well-known for being difficult to correctly identify compared to most other p2p programs. Ares enjoyed a distinct advantage because of this as it allowed users to access the program even on restricted networks like that of universities. However, the network can also be blocked and many private parties have chosen to do so.

One of the biggest plus points of Ares in its initial years was the fact that very few files on its network were corrupt or false when compared to other competitors. However, the proportion of those files has increased quite drastically over the past few years. Ares’ competitors and people/groups opposed to the network are the chief perpetrators behind the increase in numbers of such files. Preventing such files from escaping into the network is difficult as they are hosted across a number of computers each with high speed internet connectivity. Naturally, these files are ranked at the top of search results. Only users who have used the best torrent client and network for a certain amount of time can identify such files and are thus, able to avoid them.

What Does Ares Free Download Offer You?

Ares offers its users a number of unique features. For starters, users can download different files from Ares’ network at very high speeds. Ares not only downloads the requested files from multiple sources but it also helps find those sources in the first place. Users are benefited by this as it significantly boosts their download speeds. The working of Ares is not hampered by any firewalls and it does not need any configuration either.

The built-in library of Ares is worth mentioning here. All the shared files of a user are organized as per categories. The library also allows the user to sort these files as per the type or category and modify other settings quite easily. A search bar is also present to help locate any file across categories.

There is also an inbuilt audio and video player that allows users to preview any files while downloading. The Ares download also features support for the popular internet radio application, Shoutcast.

Ares free download also brings in the chat room feature. Users of the program can either create their very own chat room or join others. This makes for a wonderful way to socialize among people with similar interests.

Users are also able to download a wide variety of content belonging to different categories like movies, TV shows, music, video games, PC games, eBooks, computer programs, school textbooks, images and even operating systems.

These factors make Ares immensely enjoyable for someone looking to download or even access information free of cost. With Ares, any person can watch the latest episode of his favorite TV show or download books that would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars in the market. A user can also hear the latest number released by his favorite band or music group or even play games ranging from yesteryear classics like Mario Bros. to modern day ones like the Assassins Creed series. In short, Ares throws an entire new world open to its users.

Bringing Uploaders & Downloaders Together

Ares is a common ground that encourages users to download what they want as also upload what they want/have. Legally speaking, free Ares software strictly operates under the proprietary p2p network. This is completely legal. The ultimate ownership remains in the hands of the network’s users only. The program only provides a medium through which seeders and leechers interact and share files. It claims no ownership over the files and content that is exchanged over its network by users.

Highest Standards of Safety

A lot of people who want to use Ares free download are apprehensive about the danger posed by malware or viruses floating around on the network. While the existence of such malicious programs is indeed true, there many ways in which Ares users can successfully avoid them. Think about it, if so many users across the world are using Ares happily; it must be quite safe. Some of the ways to avoid such programs is to download a file that has the most number of seeders and leechers. One can also take help from the forums to identify which files are genuine and which are not, just like on the Pirate Bay torrents homepage many torrent users do. The best kind of protection will be ensured by the use of an anti-virus program.

However, it is advisable to not let children use Ares. The program is completely uncensored and that could lead to undesirable exposure to things like inappropriate language and even pornography. Ideally, a child’s usage of Ares should be monitored by another adult as this helps in avoiding the child falling prey to material meant for adults only.

These are some of the reasons that make Ares such a great program. Users of the program and its network can happily download their favorite music, movies, video games, eBooks, TV shows, images or other digital files with the added option of connecting with other Ares users across the world.