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Be safe when downloading files

safe-downloading543Torrents are one of the reasons of getting harmful viruses and malware in your computer. These viruses cause the computer to malfunction and not response. You also suffer financial losses and your credentials stored in the computer go at risk. Even though, torrents are a great way to share files, however, some people try to scam others with these torrents full of viruses; some just do it for the fun. This is why; it is important that one does not simply download any torrent. It is useful that you follow certain steps before downloading any file using p2p services. Some of the steps are discussed below:

Install an Antivirus – Anti-spyware combo

It is important that you must have an Antivirus that could block any access to information made in your system by a virus. Spywares that are programs that penetrate your operating system directories are hard to recognize. To prevent giving them access to your computer, it is a good practice to install a spyware detector as well. A combo of both the anti-virus and spyware could certainly provide you a good protection against malicious logic attacks. Companies like Sophos, McAfee, and AVG all contain the combo pack for your computer’s protection.

Always read what the others are saying

There is always an option of leaving comments on most of the torrent websites. It is very essential that you read the comments about the torrent. People who encounter problems in a torrent always return to warn others. They can even tell you if the torrent is even real or fake. Sometimes, the size information of the file is not given with the torrent, which means that you can’t tell if the file, for example a video, is actually of the normal size you are looking for, or just a few KBs. But people who have downloaded such files could confirm that. If that file is smaller than expected then it could be a virus. So, it is necessary that you read the comments and feedback about the torrent as often as possible.

Download from trusted sites

There are many fake websites being created that offer you to download the torrent from their website. Even if it is the only torrent available over the internet, it is illogical to download the file from this website that no one has ever heard of. Torrents from blogs should always be ignored, and it is a good practice to download torrents from websites that have their own communities, where people can share such files and torrents among each other. An advantage of these members only website is that these websites have administrators that could block any suspicious torrent and could warn members as well.

Other than that, one should be careful not to run installation files from the torrent downloads. For instance if you have downloaded a game, its setup might be compromised, and it might have malicious logic planted within the installation file. Furthermore, it is also a good practice to not to accept free downloads on unknown websites which could be used for scams. Also, it is important that you do not share any private information such as bank account or credit card details for a download such as a whole movie downloaded for a mere  $1 dollar.