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Bittorrent gives you more than you know

Do you want to make sharing of files easier and faster? If yes, Bittorrent is for perfect for you. Designed in ‘peer-to-peer’ technology this fire sharing protocol has many things to offer to its users. It would not be wrong to say that Bitttorrent is the efficient and faster ways for downloading and sharing files.


This technology helps you in easy file distribution by breaking them into small pieces. It is not necessary that you have to download the files to break from one source only, but you can download from several sources. Bittorrent uses lesser bandwidth, hence it is able to offer faster downloads.
What can you do by Bittorrent?
•    You can make files
•    You can distribute files
•    You can receive files
However, before you distribute files you need to transform the files into torrents, smaller files. These torrents will include all information regarding all your files and the PC that you are using for distribution.
What is the next step? Once these torrents are received by peers, they open these smaller files or torrents and download all pieces of information. The peers can also share files with other peers, trying to download same files.
As from many sources these chunks of info are coming, downloading has become easier. Moreover, the whole process of file transferring and sharing is done with lesser bandwidth. After finishing of downloads files can be named as ‘new seeds’.
Now the Bittorrent can seed or share all files, continuously, to all peers who are interested and looking for the files. When many peers download the same files, it becomes easier for all to download the files. To stop seeding you need to pause it.


You can also stop seeding by removing the torrents from your queue.
Is it free or a paid service?
You can use Bittorrent at free-of-cost. You can create, download, and even share your torrents with Bittorrent. It is wise to use those sites which offer downloading of this protocol at free-of-cost. It is because the protocol is a free service and you can easily download it from its official website. However, as like many other services Bittorrent also has its upgraded form, and to enjoy its service you may need to spend a minimal cost in a year. But by upgrading to Bittorrent you will, surely, enjoy faster downloads with more protection.
Okay let us just have a quick recap of Bittorrent’s benefits:
•    Bittorent helps you to get faster downloads
•    It is easy to use
•    You can connect it easily to indie artists
•    You are enjoying latest technologies
•    This protocol assures secure accessing to all of your files
•    Your files can play on gadgets (known) by getting converted by this protocol
•    An ‘integrated anti-virus’ protection is given to your computer
•    You can play those downloads that are progressing
•    It gives you a secured web-based remote control
Once you use this protocol you can realize its benefits. So, download Bittorrent or any software that uses this system to share and download files.