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Music sales higher thanks to Bittorrent

A recent study has revealed that BitTorrent downloads actually increase music album sales instead of decreasing them. Although many people use BitTorrent in order to get specific files for free, it seems that some of them decide to purchase a part of the products they can find on this website. Therefore, the idea that unauthorized file downloads negatively influence sales may be completely wrong. Additionally, you should know that the main purpose of this study was to attest the fact that unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials can lead to more sales. Is this thing possible?

Discover the Opinions of Different Experts

For many years, numerous experts have been checking the way unauthorized movie and music downloads affect the revenues of these two market segments. As BitTorrent is one of the most important websites that provide access to copyrighted materials, there is no surprise that it was included in a variety of reports that relate to this topic. The findings of the most recent report relate to various download statistics, especially those of new albums, which were released during the study. The findings of this study include various sales reports, which clearly show that BitTorrent brings along a great increase of album sales. Thus, there is no evidence that BitTorrent downloads negatively influence album sales.

The truth is that the representatives of music and movie industries used to state that pre-released items could negatively influence the sales within specific segments. However, the truth is that the users, who want to enjoy the great quality of original content, will most probably purchase official releases even though they can get them for free via torrent sites.

On the other side, the study shows that sales might be hurt if websites like BitTorrent will be closed. This is because such sites actually operate as advertisers, promoting specific albums and movies. Similar to any other advertising campaigns, pirate websites attract people and even convince them to purchase products in specific situations (for instance, when a particular album does not provide the required quality). The study has also found that a music album, which leaks a few weeks before its official release, gets about 60 additional sales. Although this number is not that high, the truth is that it has a great influence on word-of-mouth advertising.

Analyzing the Findings of Other Torrent Studies

Numerous studies suggest that websites like BitTorrent can literally decrease album sales of an artist. However, most of these studies only provide general information, without showing any particular download reports. This thing means that the correlations that previous studies present are quite inexact. Additionally, it is essential to be aware of the fact that most studies analyze the sales/download indexes that belong to specific songs and not albums. Thus, these studies are irrelevant especially because while downloading only one song is possible, purchasing one particular song from an album cannot be done. This thing means that assessing the correct report between getting a song and purchasing an album is almost an impossible task.

Another important aspect that must be considered is that piracy does not negatively influence the album releases of new artists either. The truth is that many people, including artists, want to use the best tools in order to promote specific products or services. It seems that BitTorrent is one of these tools. This means that an artist, who has numerous albums on BitTorrent, actually gets great advertising for free. Especially for this reason, many experts consider that music piracy is a strange yet useful phenomenon that should never be banned.