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Peer to peer sharing is become very popular among people who like to download files for free and fast. There are much peer to peer software launched by different companies and some of them are really successful. However, the method is not perfected yet, and you can see that every now and then, an updated is launched for the software. A similar step is taken by Ares Galaxy, which has introduced an open source peer to peer file sharing software. The software developers have kept the problems and certain vacillation in using the peer to peer methods, thus creating an all in one solution for the user’s requirements. This software features some really powerful tools with it.

The user interface of the Ares Galaxy software is very simple and is user oriented. The developers kept in mind the success of peer to peer files and its usage among people. The usage of the software is so simple yet enjoyable that you feel like playing a game. One start by looking for the particular files in the search function; the incredibly fast search engine will find your required file in a matter of seconds or even less. It is because the software uses a library organizer which helps in categorizing the files, and thus finding the required files instantly.

Another great feature introduced first time in peer to peer software; it is a chatting function, where you can talk to other users of the software. This feature is very useful as one can share important information, including tips and tricks about the software and peer to peer technology. One can also discuss about some good and bad torrents and inform the community about harmful files. The chat function comes with a wide range of languages, contributing in enlightening the importance of diverse communication among users. There are multiple topics available on the chat function to choose from, the chat rooms and options are populated in a user list right away and there is a search option for chat groups as well.

Even though, it is peer to peer software, Ares Galaxy does not allow sharing of copyright material, and thus, there are strict policies regarding copyright infringements. It is the law, not to share files such as new movies or games, or music albums. It is important that the users of Ares software, does not contend to such action. Also, the software policies maintain that no harmful or executable file should be put upon the system to share, unless it is verified to be safe. Even though the software makes sure that no such file is used for sharing, it is hard to filter every harmful file, but it is on the user to take extra precautions for the safety of their private information. There are many people who try to misuse the peer to peer technology and try to share illegal and offensive material. Ares software has stated guidelines and penalties about such form of files sharing and could bring trouble to offenders.